Charles Crossin – 17 Jun 2014 – Calgary, Canada

Please convey my sincere appreciation to Harry who served me in Calgary Canada. My custom shirts arrived today and they look fantastic! I cannot wait to try them on. I am very impressed with the service Harry have me and hope to ordering shirts and suits in the future.
Thank you again

Graham Wall – 8th June, 2014 – Montreal, Canada

I would also like to thank you for your professional courtesy as it relates to my shirts and suits. Your guidance and knowledge with respect to clothing is a valuable expertise as I can honestly say that I have received many compliments about the choice of fabric and cut/design of my suits. The stitching and detail is amazing. When you stated in June 2013 "trust me Mr. Wall" I did and I am proud and confident when I walk into a boardroom or presentation wearing my Apsley tailored suits and shirts.
I look forward to the next delivery of my suits and shirts.

Raphael Allison – 12 Apr. 2014 – Brooklyn, NY USA

I just wanted to let you know I received the three sport coats and they're really fantastic, they fit perfectly and look incredible. I'll look out for the suit and remaining five shirts.
Thanks and all best, Raphael

Sean Pike – 11 Apr. 2014 – Dural, NSW Australia

I received my shirts yesterday. They are a perfect fit; I am very happy with it :)
I will order some more from you towards the end of the year.

Sterling Haugen – 6 Apr. 2014 – Sidney, BC Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I got my package of clothing earlier this week. It all fits superbly and look good (And makes me feel great). Please keep me on your list and let me know when you will be back again in my area (Victoria).

Nedine E. Levin – 30 Dec. 2013 – Ottawa, ON Canada

I have tried on the suit and blouse. They are both exceptionally well made and fit me comfortably. The fabrics of which they are made are excellent quality. Thank you.

Ian Peter – 18 Dec. 2013 – Chilliwack, BC Canada

Thank you very much for the great service provided on my recent order (7307, sales slip #M1106, dated November 15, 2013, Vancouver BC). The shirts, jackets, and pants supplied fit well, look great and feel nice. I also appreciated the extra ties you sent separately. I must admit that I had some reservations about the “long distance” tailoring concept, but have been happily surprised. Kudos as well for the lightning-fast shipping.